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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Reading!?

Get Reading! is Australia’s largest annual celebration of books and reading. Previously known as Books Alive, Get Reading! is a month-long, nationwide campaign to encourage more Australians to discover or rediscover the pleasure of reading books. The campaign is an Australian Government initiative developed through the Australia Council for the Arts.

When is Get Reading!?

In 2013, Get Reading! runs from Sunday 1 September to Monday 30 September.
Get Reading! also includes a year-round national author touring program. This program tours one or two Australian authors to metropolitan and regional centres each month. The selected books are given the ‘Get Reading! Guaranteed: A Book You Can’t Put Down’ silver sticker of approval to make them easier to locate in bookstores and libraries. Visit our Events page to see which Australian authors are on tour now, or check out which books have so far made the list here.

What happens during Get Reading! in September?

Get Reading! is made up of a range of promotions and events. Events are held all over the country, featuring authors who have books listed on the Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down for 2013. Book retailers and libraries throughout Australia participate in this annual celebration of books and reading. Competitions to win some or all of the 50 books are run through various channels nationwide including on ABC Radio and the Get Reading! website.

What are the Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down?

Every September, Get Reading! promotes 50 books with broad appeal to encourage all Australians to get reading. The list of 50 books is published in the free digital guide called Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down. A wide range of genres is represented in the list: adult fiction (including crime and fantasy), adult non-fiction (including biography, history, sport and humour), and young adult and children’s fiction and picture books. This guide this year is again all-Australian, featuring 50 fantastic Australian books.

Where can I see the list?

In 2013, the Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down guide is available in a digital format on the Get Reading! website, and in specially customised versions for mobile devices and tablets. It is also available to download as a PDF, and for the first time in Apple’s iBooks format for iPad.
During September, you’ll also find these books on display in your local bookstore or library.

When is the list announced?

The list for 2013 will be released on Sunday 1 September.

How are the Top 50 Books You Can’t Put Down chosen?

An independent panel of highly regarded booksellers, publishers, authors, literary agents, library representatives and critics – all book lovers – choose the 50 titles from a long list of around 250 books. The 50 recommended books are selected against one key criterion – they are a great read that will not disappoint.

Can I read samples of the Top 50 books before I buy one?

Yes, you can download the first chapter of most of the 50 books listed in the guide.

What Get Reading! events are on near me?

Loads of events featuring top Australian authors are taking place all around the country during the campaign. Events for the 2013 campaign can be viewed on the Events page.

Which book retailers near me are participating in Get Reading! this year?

More than 500 book retailers all over Australia will be participating in Get Reading! in 2013. You can find specific locations here.

Which libraries near me are participating in Get Reading! this year?

More than 500 Australian libraries will be participating in Get Reading! in 2013. You can find specific locations here.

Is Get Reading! truly national?

The campaign aims to reach all Australians, whether they’re in city centres, regional cities, country towns or outback settlements. In 2013, Get Reading! authors will participate in events all over the country.

What is Get Reading! doing to encourage children to read?

Get Reading! aims to encourage all Australians to read more, including children. 12 of the 50 recommended books listed in the guide are for children and young adults. Several of these authors will be appearing at Get Reading! events during the 2013 campaign.

Does Get Reading! actually get more Australians reading?

Get Reading! continues to go from strength to strength. According to research by AMR, Get Reading! has had a positive impact on claimed behaviour.
Among those aware of the Get Reading! campaign in 2012, more than 25 per cent of respondents claimed to be more likely to buy a book to read for pleasure, read a book by an Australian author, or borrow a book to read for pleasure. In addition, one in five were more likely to visit a library and one in ten were more likely to attend a book-related event.

Is there anything like Get Reading! anywhere else in the world?

Many developed countries have campaigns to encourage reading, and Get Reading! adapted the best of these campaigns to the Australian marketplace. The United Kingdom has a National Reading Campaign and World Book Day. The U.S. Library of Congress’ Center for the Book promotes national reading initiatives.

Where can I find out more information?

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here, please get in touch with us.